Life in the U.S.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy Thursday to all! Here at the headquarters office in San Francisco, we are seeing plenty of rain, but unfortunately it doesn’t get cold enough to snow. Here’s a glance at some of our students across the US enjoying (and also shoveling) the winter snowfall!

FB_IMG_1515996188269 (1).jpg

Exchange students in CO go tubing!

IMG_2543 (1).jpg

Lucia from Spain and Solveig from Norway with their host family during a recent snow day from school in MI.

DSC_9436 Laura shovelling snow (1).jpg

Laura from Italy volunteered to help shovel the driveway of her host family in WV. This was her first big snow!

IMG_7895 (1).jpg

 Julianne from the Netherlands with her host sister in NE.

20171230_164220 (2)

Wences from Spain shoveling snow in IL. We see what you did there!

DSC_9452 Cris snow man (1).jpg

After volunteering to help shovel snow, Cristina from Spain, just had to build a snowman. This is her first big snow in WV.

IMG_7059 (1).jpg

Tony from Thailand playing in the snow with his host brother in NC.

20180113_124516 (1).jpg

Khwezi from South Africa shoveling snow in the drive way of his host family’s in CO during his first big snow.

We hope you are staying WARM and DRY out there. 🙂 Thank you for sending in your photos.

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