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Thank You Thursday- Syeda from Pakistan

Aspect Foundation’s inbox is flooded with notes of gratitude for all who participate in cultural youth exchange. Today, Syeda from Pakistan studying with the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program sponsored by the US Department of State would like to convey gratitude toward her host family in Washington. Her sweet words remind us all how meaningful cultural exchange can be for these students and the HUGE role that our generous host families play in that impact. 


“That first hug from my host parents, made me feel so reassured and connected to them. It was everything that I needed at that time.
It’s just so beautiful to see how they get excited about the little things that I do, always there to support and protect me, making sure that I had proper meals or if there is anything that I need.

Don’t you think it’s the cutest thing ever if your dad calls you ‘beti’ in Urdu (my native language) that translates to ‘daughter?’ Or your mom asking you to mess with her hair and practice hairstyles on it? And all the seven dogs and a cat treating you as if you were always there. From walking with the horses and working in a barn, I do feel a difference in me. The girl who always lived in a very busy city is having the best time of her life, on a farm. This is what I always dreamt of.

I am grateful for all that. Thank you Aspect Foundation for providing me with such an amazing family. I love them with whole my heart.” – Syeda

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