Thank You Thursdays

Expressing Thanks Part III

Coming to the United States and doing high school here is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I couldn’t have such a good time without my host family! I want to thank them for all they did. I know it isn’t easy to have a strange person in your house for more than 5 months.

 In the beginning you have to get use to each other and adjust to each other because no family is the same.  Since the first day I lived here I already felt like I was home. My experience in the United States was absolutely amazing. I met the most awesome people ever and I did some really neat things. My English is really improved and I learned a lot about the United States and the culture.  I did a lot of new things in the United States and I couldn’t do that without my host family! They supported me the whole time and they were here for me if I needed them. They are great people and I they really feel like family now. My host family helped me to experience my stay here to the fullest and they took me to a lot of places! I had fun every weekend and I am so thankful that I could stay with my host family!  I would never forget my time here, all the things I did, all the great people I have met and all the fun I had with my host family.

 I am also very thankful for the teachers I had this year in my American high school. They all helped me if I needed them and I didn’t feel left out or anything. I had a lot of fun with them and I learned a lot this year.  I’m really nice to see how the teachers help the students to achieve a lot of things. I also am thankful for all the other people in school that helped me with all kinds of things!

 I love the American people and the United States and I’m really going to miss a lot of people but I will keep in touch!

Mariske from the Netherlands


Thank you to my awesome host family! Without you I wouldn’t have been where I am today. You gave me courage and confidence, and made me open up my eyes a little more. Thank you to my High School, for helping me through hard classes and bad days. The people I see there make my day, every day. I have learned so much this year and even though I don’t want to leave right now, it’s ok, because I know I’ll see you all again some day. Meanwhile, thank you all for all the great memories! To all the people here that I care about so much, I will miss you as much as from Norway and back!!

Victoria from Norway


Thank you for everything you did for me!! I had an awesome time staying with you. I can’t believe the time is almost over, it went by way to fast. Anyways, I made a lot of new experiences and I’m glad to had this change to be an exchange student. I haven’t been here for that long but still I will miss everything 🙂 Thanks you again to be a part of your family.

Julia from Germany