Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursday – June 26, 2014


Katharina prepares for curtain time with her host sister Ellie for her first high school musical performance in Texas.

This year has passed by so fast. I can’t believe it is over now. I found out so much about life and my self during this time, and that has something to do with all the people I met during this adventure! My teachers supported me always and helped me, and I could ask them every question I had, without feeling stupid. My host family, which made it possible for me to experience so many things about America and Texas, and helped me to get over bad days and wanted to know everything about me. And of course all the friends I made here, they made me laugh and never give up. Also my coordinator did a lot to support me all the time! She was just there when I needed her and also when I didn’t!

Thank you all, for this unforgettable year of my life!

– Katharina from Germany