Thank You Thursdays

Thanksgiving Thursday

ThanksgivingWe are thankful for our brave exchange students, who have eagerly and courageously embraced life in the US and the new communities they call home. We are thankful for our incredible host families, whose generosity and warmth have made dreams come true and international friendships possible. We are thankful for our excellent high schools and administrators, who give our students an unforgettable experience and an enriching environment to learn and grow. We are thankful for our caring and tireless coordinators and field staff, who work passionately to create safe, memorable exchanges and strong communities. We are thankful for our students’ natural families, who have encouraged and supported their children in this exchange adventure. We are thankful for everyone who, in their own way, helps to promote friendship, understanding and curiosity to create a better and brighter world.

Happy Thanksgiving from Aspect Foundation!