Exchange Year 101 / Life in the U.S.

The End is Full of New Beginnings!

As the end of the school year draws near, so begins the period of transition when our wonderful exchange students prepare to return to their home country. While it can be difficult both for our students and their gracious host families, it is good to focus on all the growth, discovery, and newfound love that cultural exchange has brought to many throughout the year!

The End of Year Orientation is a chance for our local coordinators, students, and host families to gather and reflect on the year they shared together in America. Below are a few words and photos from this special time of year:

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Green and Yellow Photo Quotes Fall Twitter Post


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Snooker from Thailand was able to participate in her high school’s graduation ceremony by giving a speech about her exchange year!

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In our coordinator, Jodi’s words: “walking towards the future”.

Hosting again can be a great way to keep the tradition of cultural exchange alive! Have your current exchange student help you pick out a new student by visiting our new student profiles! 

Never hosted before and want in on the memories!? Go to our website to see how to apply and host your new son or daughter!