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Welcoming Our Students – A Community Event!

We are in full arrival mode with our students flying in daily to meet their new American families and homes! Today we are shining the spotlight on a small community in Arizona that has been taking extra strides to help make their students feel welcome and included!

Mardi, one of our lovely local coordinators in Arizona, calls in to tell us just how proud she is of her host families and community for giving this group of exchange students a big hello! Here’s what some of them have been up to since arriving:

Aurelie and Marine from France and Arthur from Brazil get warm greetings from their host families and community members at the airport:

Sip (1).jpg

Matteo from Italy is greeted by other high school students on the soccer team on his arrival date. Shortly after, he got invited to play a game of bubble soccer with his new friends and host family – can you say a cure for jet lag??


Janne from Germany also got to jump in on the fun by participating in a night-time game of frisbee. It was her host family’s thoughtful idea since they knew she competes in ultimate frisbee back home.  A local police officer steps in for a photo op while welcoming Janne. He just happens to be a graduate of the local high school where Janne will get her American education this year!

IMG_3795 (1).jpg

Marine from France and her host family adopted a new dog and celebrated its 1st birthday with all of its 4-legged friends and folks from the community – Marine and her host sister baked the human and dog-friendly treats for the celebration! There was even a doggy piñata and goodie bags to take home.

IMG_3853 (1).JPG

Here is Marine taking her first swing at the doggy piñata!

Getting the community involved in your exchange student’s experience not only makes it all the more fun for our students but allows others to feel the positive effects and impact of international youth exchange.

We would love to hear from our other communities across the country! How are you making your student feel at home? Share with us by submitting your story to

Don’t forget to enter your family and student’s welcome photo to our Arrivals Photo Contest! A separate voting period will be announced once all students arrive!

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