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Thank You Thursday – Pavle from Montenegro

Aspect Foundation’s inbox is flooded with notes from students expressing their gratitude for the experience they’ve had on student exchange. Today, Pavle from Montenegro studying with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program sponsored by the Department of State would like to convey gratitude toward his host family in Washington. 

My dear host family,

How to start? Let’s see…  After three months here in the US, after three beautiful months spent with you guys, I just can say, thank you. I remember the day when I found out that you were going to be my host family. I sent an email to you and patiently waited for your response.  I also remember our first video chat, almost unsuccessful, but we made it! I remember my English, which still is not very good, and I remember your facial expressions when you tried to understand me. And back then, I knew that we were going to have a great time together.

So when I arrived and met you guys I had some weird feelings. Those feelings were beautiful but also confusing for me. I felt like I am meeting my real family all over again. I was confused and I could not say why I felt that way. But after 20 days I spent here, I figured it out. I felt like I am meeting my real family. After almost 20 days, my real family became bigger, because you guys were now a part of it.  And I officially became a real member of your family.


Host mom, Kristine, her daughter, and Pavle visiting the Washington State Capitol.

I would like to say thank you because you gave me an opportunity to meet other members of your family and your friends. I had a great time with your parents, my host grandparents, your brothers and sisters, and your friends.

I couldn’t have even imagined that my relationship with you guys would be this good after just three months. When I think that we have just 7 more months to spend together, that makes me sad. But I am not going to think that way, I just want to spend every moment as good as I can with you.


Before I came here, I didn’t expect anything special from my host family. I just wanted to have normal people who will be nice and kind, and also people who would not be shy to ask me for help. I got both. You guys are very kind and nice to me, and you also ask me for help when you need it. I love helping you guys! Cleaning the kitchen, babysitting the kids, or even doing things in our backyard. This way I can actually live the life of American teenagers, not just how a tourist would. I can see all aspects of living in the US.


The holidays are almost here! Christmas is quickly approaching, the holiday that I’m most excited about. I can not wait to spend that special time with you guys and feel all the beautiful charms of American family life.


I want to say thank you once again. Thank you for your love, for your care, for your friendship, for everything you guys have done for me so far. I am trying to be the best host son I can be, I am not sure if it’s good enough, but I am giving my best.

My beloved family, I love you so much,

Pavle from Montenegro

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