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Thank You Thursday – Host Mom to Nicolas from France

Aspect Foundation’s inbox is flooded with notes of gratitude for all who participate in cultural youth exchange. Today, Jodi, one of our wonderful Field Managers and loving host moms in Washington, writes us about Nicolas, the French student she’s currently hosting. Sometimes all it takes is a loving gesture in a difficult moment to truly become family. 

Recently, our exchange student, Nicolas, went from being called our French son simply to our son.  Two weeks ago today, our dog went missing. The minute my husband and I said that we were going to go find her, Nicolas jumped up, grabbed a flashlight and his jacket ready to go look for her without even being asked! You could hear him calling her name in his French accent, where I jokingly said to him, she won’t be coming to you, she doesn’t understand French. Nicolas gave a big laugh. They searched for three hours but unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped for.  Nicolas stayed with my husband the entire time, never leaving his side.  Nicolas told us that this is what friends and family do for each other.  He was supposed to live just temporarily with our family at the beginning of the year, but the placement quickly turned permanent and there are no regrets or looking back on our decision.  No matter what the future holds, Nicolas will always be…our son.


nicolas from france


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