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Thank You Thursday – Shifa from India

For today’s #ThankYouThursday, Shifa from India would like to say thank you to her host family in Washington for giving her an experience of a lifetime . Her sweet words remind us all how meaningful cultural exchange can be for these students and the HUGE role that our generous host families play in that impact. 


Shifa from India (Left) with her host family enjoying some snacks after a baseball game in Washington.

“I never thought that I would ever travel to the US and be blessed to live with an amazing family. The family I was given was bicultural, including French as well as an American background. They had 2 kids of ages 5 and 2. Both of them are hilarious and so energetic, I enjoy spending time with them. The style of living is completely different than what I was used to in India. I was never expecting to have such a close connection with another family, other than my own, but God has given me the gift of two families who are loving, caring and supportive towards me. It was truly a dream that has come true! I am beyond thankful for all the friendly faces I met in my time here and the memories I get to take home and remember always.” –  Shifa


Below is a sweet testimonial video that Shifa made for her host mom as a special Mother’s Day gift.


Are you thinking of hosting a exchange student? Why not create a special bond with a young person this school year! See how to apply below:

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