Life in the U.S. / Welcome Photos and Videos

Welcome Photo and Video Roundup – Part Four

We hope that you enjoyed this Welcome Roundup series and find inspiration in the stories shared through these photos and videos. These snapshots remind us of the joy and significance of hosting a student. For the students, it is a chance to explore a new country, connect with their host family, and create memories that will shape their lives. For host families, this is an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn about different cultures, and form lifelong bonds. Here’s to a happy and successful exchange year for everyone involved! Thank you, once again, to our amazing International Coordinators and host families for making an American dream come true for our students!

Soline from France looks around the airport to meet the Justice family in Utah! Soline says, “I didn’t see them. 😂”

Sanja from Germany is given an all-American welcome by the Everett family in New Braunfels, Texas!

Ellis (center) and Eline (second from the left) with the Finkiewicz family in Michigan! Their host mom, Starla, says, “Welcome home Ellis from Germany and Eline from Belgium. Welcome to the family!”

Elisa from Italy (left) is so happy to finally meet the Rasmussen family! Elisa says, “This is my arrival at the airport of Salt Lake City, Utah. When I arrived, my host family was ready to welcome me. ❤️ “

Mandy (right) greets the Amer family! Kathryn, her host mom, says, “Welcoming Mandy from the Netherlands to Washington State!”

Luke from Germany received a warm welcome by the Townley family in Colorado!

Farah is excited to spend time with the Rafn family! Kristine, her host mom, says, “Farah from Lebanon arrives in Seattle to be welcomed for her exchange year in Olympia.”

Julia from Spain loved the balloons and the welcome given by the Rojas family. Her host mom, Sanja, says, “Welcome to the family!”

Hermione from France (second from the right) can’t wait to make new memories with the Ryan family in New Baltimore, Michigan!

Filippo from Italy arrives in Pittsburgh to meet the Holland family and start their year together!

Ina from Norway is greeted with a special Nebraska welcome from the Bunch family!

Leti from Brazil receives a wonderful welcome from the Augustyn family in Michigan!

Are you interested in making a student a part of your family? We are looking for American host families to welcome a student for Spring 2024 and the upcoming 2024-25 school year! Check out the profiles of our wonderful students! New student profiles go online every Thursday!