Student Spotlight

S’more Please! A snapshot of life in Utah

Laura is a student from the Netherlands living with her host family in Utah. The following is a translated excerpt from her personal blog back to her Dutch family and friends.

…We have a new fireplace here in our house, but we didn’t have a whole lot of firewood. So, we went to a place about two hours away to pick some up. It was really the sort of house you see in the movies; a bearskin rug, a deer head, almost everything was made from wood, no dishwasher. The only problem was that the person had forgotten to bring the wood for us… But I still found it cool! Later, we made a mega big fire and I made s’mores for the first time on it! Mmmmm, those things are really tasty, cookies with chocolate and marshmallow in between. So super bad for you, but so tasty! So yeah, that was fun! The place we were was really high up. 7800 feet they said. Converted that’s approximately 2500 meters! Here back in Layton the elevation is about 1500 meters.


Oh yeahhh! I also went to a concert here with a friend. A concert of.. .Michael Buble! We had good spots and with just a little run forward we were able to give him our hands, and we even sang along with him. We stood in the front row at the end, and he ran to the audience so that they could sing a part of the song with him. He came right at us and held the microphone in front of us, and so we sang a part of the song with a group of five people around us. Yeah that was really super! I also had made a poster, and at the beginning of the concert he talked about it — it was really cool! The next day, Melissa talked with someone who had been to the concert and he said something like: “Ooooh it was that poster?!” That was really cool! So that’s kind of a funny story!…