Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursday – Jan. 23, 2014

I had so much fun here. Everything was just perfect. I got sweet friends. They were so nice and funny. They always talk to me in the hallway, classroom, and after school and we got closer and closer. I can say I never got bored at school lately. Also, I got amazing teachers. We Japanese don’t start learning English until 13, so compare to European, our English skills are lower than theirs. When I didn’t understand what teacher said and what I was supposed to do, I asked teachers a lot of questions after school and I took their time so much, but they never made a face, and always said ‘It’s ok. you’re here to learn.’ that helped me a lot. They also definitely made my year great one. And host family, I just love and appreciate them more than words could ever express. So much fun spending time with them. Host sisters are so cute, and host parents are nice and funny. I had some times hanging out with host grand parents or cousins. Their whole family were just amazing, and I enjoyed spending time with them, especially holidays.

I am so thankful for them. I will never forget people and the experience I had here.

— Kyoko from Japan