Student Spotlight

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Marius from Norway and Natalia from Colombia participated in the “Run or Dye” 5K in Texas. These color runs take inspiration from a worldwide Hindu festival of colors and festival of love, called Holi.

One of the things we read over and over on student applications is how excited our Aspect students are to experience American holidays. The novelty of Halloween costumes, the chestnuts-roasting-on-an-open-fire at Christmas and the overwhelming amount of food laid out on a Thanksgiving table. And while Valentine’s Day is not unique to the United States, we are happy to include our students and host families in the love we have for international exchange this year!

We asked our students how they celebrate Valentine’s Day back in their home countries. Check out Asuka’s traditions in Japan:

“We  give Chocolate for somebody but we can give to our friends (boy or girl is not matter) which is called Friends Chocolate. And we have one more chocolate that’s different from US which is called Obligation Chocolate. We usually give to someone who cared or helped you very much.  Because we think we have to return for them appreciation.We usually give a gift or do something good for her/him. But you don’t have to give them a gift, if you going to help them it is the same way to return appreciation. So, in my high school we can have sweets party during lunch time. It is really fun!” 

Valentine’s Day traditions differ all over the world. From the type of gifts to the day people celebrate, expressions of love are as varied as the world we live in! Check out the fun links below to learn about celebrating love internationally.

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