Student Spotlight

A Recipe for Fun

Anna from Norway is winning the hearts of her host family and new friends with her stunning cakes and confectionary creations. Browse a gallery of what she’s been whipping up in Wisconsin and her own, personal favorites.


Some words from the kitchen:

“I love baking. Since I was little I got to help out with the decorating of birthday cakes for my five siblings, and I enjoyed it so much! I don’t really remember exactly when I started baking, but I think I started around the age of 11. The first year there were a LOT of failures, but my family was very supportive, and always (at least pretended to…) enjoyed my creations. It didn’t take long until I figured out that my favorite part of the cake-making was the decorating part. I don’t like to follow any pattern, I usually make topic-cakes, and find inspiration online.”

“My host family actually told me after I got here that one of the reasons why they were interested in my letter was that they read that I like to bake. And I was so excited, because I love to bake, and I’m so grateful they let me bake for them!”


A camouflage-themed cake captures the spirit of the central Wisconsin woods.


The Packers didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, so Anna gave her host family something to be excited about with this tasty touchdown.


Anna made this cake for the cast party after her school play, Cinderella and the Glass Slipper, wrapped up. We have a feeling the cake was gone well before midnight!


Young Brady, Anna’s host brother, loves sports — especially football. What a birthday cake he got this year!


Dainty cupcakes with candy pearls make perfect gifts for family, friends and teachers.

Anna’s year isn’t over yet! She continues to whisk and frost her way through her exchange, especially when a friend celebrates a birthday. Just last week, she made a Dr. Who-themed cake for a classmate, whose mother had heard of her frosting prowess and enlisted Anna’s help to make the day extra special.

As for Anna? She’s got a sweet-tooth herself. “I really like dark, moist, chocolate cakes with a very full and strong chocolate flavor,” she said. “I also love a type of no-bake cheesecake that I make back in Norway! It’s super yummy!!” She likes to experiment with new techniques and ideas, and pulls a lot of her inspiration from