Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursday – Mar. 13, 2014

tytThe sun is finally shining for many of us this week, and the slow drip of snow melt reminds us that spring is almost here! Today’s moment of gratitude is for the sunshine, of course, and also for every single Aspect host family, student and coordinator who has made this year a memorable exchange experience for all of us.

Who or what has made this year special for you? This week’s Thank You Thursday is a request to think about who you are grateful for… and submit any letters or messages thanking them to

In the meantime, let Victor from Sweden be an inspiration to you:

“My host parents have been the best ever. I have learned so much about everything in life, and I am very grateful that they let me stay with them this year. I am going to miss them enormously and it is really hard to leave. This experience has been the best year in my life, despite having challenges, but that is part of it and I think my host family was really supportive and just plain awesome! Thank you and we’ll see each other soon!”

— Victor from Sweden