A Family’s Perfect Fit

We cannot imagine a better possible outcome for our experience with a foreign exchange student than we have had this year with Sarah.  She has fit into our family perfectly and we have come to love and care for her as one of our own.  We are, even now, 2 ½ month early, starting to dread the day we have to send her back to Germany.

A unique circumstance in our situation is that we have a daughter of our own who is the same age as Sarah.  The amazing thing is that they have become the very best of friends – as if they were naturally born sisters.  It has been really fun to see them grow together and become so close.  There are many days when they accidentally dress the same.  They laugh at the same things, and each other, and are so fun and funny together.  Sarah has been able to plug right into Camille’s social group and become friends with all of them.


The new sisters are ready for Junior Prom! Sarah is the on the left with her host sister, Camille, on the right.

Camille, our daughter, runs track and cross country in school, so Sarah has been running with her as a member of the team.  This has helped Sarah connect with a group of really good kids on the team who are motivated in both school and sports, have common goals, and are kind and supportive of each other.

When we agreed to host an exchange student, we were nervous – of course – about whom we would get and how would the student fit into our family.  When we met with the coordinator, we explained that we were a pretty structured family, especially when it comes to schooling, homework, and family rules.  We are also a pretty religious family who actively participate in our church.  Understanding this much about us, our coordinator pre-screened the applicants and made a few recommendations, but one specific highlight.  She thought Sarah would be a good fit.  We agreed, and WOW!, was she ever right.  Sarah’s parents are both educators and they have a strong tradition in their family of academic excellence and hard work.  Perfect fit.  Sarah likes to ski.  Our older children and their spouses ski or snowboard, so they taught her how to snowboard.  Perfect fit.  Sarah has a dog at home.  We have a dog.  Perfect fit.

It just couldn’t have been better.  We tell her thank you for coming to our family, and she tells us thank you for picking her.

Thank you, Aspect, for setting this all up.

Roger and Rhonda
2013-14 Host Family in Utah