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8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

On this lovely #TravelTuesday, check out this list of some of the many reasons to study abroad in Italy from one of our previous Italian exchange students. If you find yourself convinced and longing for more, learn more about our Italy Program or contact us at!

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1. Language.

Italy is home to an overwhelming amount of great literature, poets, and philosophers. Italian is an ancient language with a rich history and an accent that is pleasing to the ear.

2. Education.

Education is extremely important and held to a high standard in Italy. In this country, there are some of the oldest universities in Europe and in the entire world in cities such as Bologna and Siena. Teachers in schools are typically serious, care about their students, and the school system is regarded as strict but well-organized.

3. Food.

Food is everything to in Italy: it’s part of the culture, history, and everyday life. It’s the family bond. It’s what keeps people around the table together enjoying family time. Italian food is delicious, fresh, and is well-known and appreciated in many parts of the world.

4. Art and architecture.

In Italy, art is everywhere. Most historical buildings have been preserved and it’s not difficult to find ancient buildings in the middle of the city centre, even those that are surrounded by modern buildings and facilities. There are also many historical churches that are still in use, a constant reminder of the past in everyday life.

5. Weather.

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The weather in Italy is generally nice and pleasant. It is warmer than in Northern European countries. The sky is often blue and although it can get cold in the winter, spring brings everything back to life again. The weather allows for a variety of outdoor activities and encourages people to go for walks around town.

6. Geography.

The geography of Italy is very diverse. In Italy there are city centres with museums, plazas, and parks such as in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. There are beautiful beaches in the south of Italy and mountains in the north where people enjoy activities such as skiing. In other parts of the country there are beautiful valleys and quiet countryside landscapes.

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7. Hospitality.

Visitors to Italy tend to find pleasant and happy people who are fun and hospitable. Italians enjoy spending quality time together and are friendly even with people they don’t know. A common stereotype about Italians that is often true is that Italian people are warm and welcoming whether with family, friends, tourists, or other visitors.

8. History.

Italy is an important place where many well-known parts of European history were born. There is much to learn about Italian history, from the Romans to the Greeks and from World War I to World War II. Italy is considered the flower of history, where many significant events happened and continue to be remembered and studied today.

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