Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursday – Jan. 22, 2015

desyToday, it has been 5 months I’ve been in the United States Of America, Minnesota, with my host family! I’m half way through my exchange year and I can’t believe it. Those months passed by so fast, but for sure have been the best 5 months of my life. Yes, my English improved, but it’s not just that. What I’ve noticed is that I became more open minded, more friendly, more independent, more responsible. It’s incredible how an experience like this can teach you and change you so much in just 5 months. It’s still the same me, but a better me. I have to thank all my friends, my teachers, all the people I met during this 5 months here, but most of all, my host family. A family is the heart of a culture. And I couldn’t think of a better American family…I learnt so much from them and I hope they did from me. It’s so weird, it’s like I’ve known them for all my life; I can tell who’s coming down the stairs just by the sounds of their steps! Can you believe that?! This is not a goodbye though, so no reason to be sad…I’m the happiest person on the world right now, and couldn’t be prouder of myself for what I decided to do, for what I’ve done and for what I’ll do. Thanks to all the people who made me become the better version of myself. Heavy black heart

— Desy from Italy