Thank You Thursdays

An Italian Family’s Thank You Thursday – June 11, 2015


Letizia arrives to meet her host family in Colorado for the first time back in August 2014.

The countdown has begun and Letizia is coming home. Actually, she is coming back because she is now leaving another beloved home. Talking to Leti yesterday I heard sadness in her voice. She is happy to see us all, but she knows she is going to miss your family!

Believe me… This is what I wanted to “feel”  from her. This means she has lived ten months as is she was at home and your love has filled days and moments. Your support and family feeling has helped her to discover day by day a new Land, new people and probably a new Letizia.

So. Thank You all.

As Leti left and the airport gate closed I finally realized Leti has grown up. Seemed to me it happened all at once! And the question was: will she do good without her family, will she ” live” without us all? The answer was obvious but mothers usually  aren’t …

Day after day I realized she can. But I’ m also sure her experience in Colorado has been so unforgettable because of you. You taught her that family can be everywhere someone open doors and hearts welcoming you with a smile and with no fear of all the big and small difficulties and differences you’ll meet.

Thanks for the taxi service, the efforts, the support, the dogs, the visits everywhere, the presence at competitions, the pictures, the smiles and your careful eyes on her. Karrie, Rosalba. Now I know she has in Colorado two wonderful parents which took care of her sharing with her a piece of their own lives and history. Paula, Kathie. You gave Leti the unique experience to be the youngest among sisters. I think she did really need that! Being the oldest can sometimes be tiring and such a high responsibility. Jake. Congratulations for your graduation, first of all. And thanks for your brotherness to Letizia. Having a brother has been surely a positively surprising experience and I can imagine your efforts living among all those girls!!!!

Please remember, whenever you want to come to Italy our house will be open for you and we would be happy to have you  here! Italy is waiting for you and we all, too.

Thank You all, again and again…

Lara, Valerio, Marta, Matilde