Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursday – July 2, 2015

desi2I want to thank everyone I met during my exchange year here in the USA. My host family first of all, for being the best American family I’ll ever have. They welcomed me in their house, and treated me like a daughter/sister. Who does that to someone you have never met before? I mean it’s hard. I’m glad I got to meet and spend time with all of them. They’ll always be in my heart and they’ll be my family forever.

Then I want to thank my friends. Thanks y’all for being awesome. Being there when I needed you. Making my year an amazing fun adventure that I’ll never forget! Thanks to my school for accepting me in its system and treating me like an American teenager. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks to the Henning and Vining community for sharing my pictures and my little interviews! I felt important every time I saw my face on the newspaper! Thanks to everyone I met during this experience for being part of my life, for making me change, for opening my eyes and making me see what the American world looks like. I hope your hearts are a little more Italian now, because mine is a little more American.

Thanks to Aspect Foundation for making my American Dream come true.

– Desiree from Italy