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Thank You Thursday – August 13, 2015

Our Thank You Thursdays usually come from student letters. But this week, it comes from a Facebook post! On Tuesday, we shared the story of Kathy’s family and Sarah on the blog. (Go check it out if you haven’t yet! Clicking on the link will open the post in a new window.) When we first reached out to Kathy to hear her story, we found her already tearing up on the other side of the phone. She said that coincidentally, Sarah had just made a Facebook post the night before, about how much she misses the family and is “homesick” for Washington. Having featured that blog post, we couldn’t leave out Sarah’s side of the story 🙂 With great pleasure we re-post that exact Facebook note Sarah coincidentally posted that night, here with her permission for this week’s Thank You Thursday.


I’m back home in Germany for about 3 weeks now and it still feels weird. I sometimes wake up smelling bacon and pancakes (Kathy you make the best bacon!). I can’t even believe how fast the time went by and that I’m not with some of the most important people in my life anymore, my second family. I am beyond thankful for everything you guys did for me. You made one of my biggest dreams come true and you made it perfect! I’m never going to forget all we’ve experienced together. Me being homesick, us growing to be a family, celebrating Christmas with you and all of the other things that made my exchange year awesome. I think about you everyday and how amazing you are! I mean, you let me live with you and be a part of your family. I wish I could have stayed longer and be back right now, I miss you so much! You helped me figure out who I am and that I don’t have to care about what others think about me, because of you I grew a lot and I’m not the shy girl from the beginning anymore.
I hope you’ll never forget the time with me and that we are going to see us soon!

As I said it’s just weird not having you around me anymore. I miss being obnoxious with you Kenzie, watching The Walking Dead with you Troy and having fun conversations with you Kathy. I’m so much looking forward to see you again!!!
I love you a lot, your Schnitzel.
(Btw I bawled my eyes out after we took the picture)