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Thank You Thursday – Dec 3, 2015

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Dear Host Family,

One of my dreams was to come in America and be completely part of the American lifestyle, and because of you this dream became true for me.

I remember the day I had a phone call from my agency telling me that I had a host family. I remember our first email and all the ones after. I remember the pictures we send to each other. And most of all, the first day we saw each other at the airport.

Today, even if it hasn’t been a long time since my first day, (90 days exactly. Can you believe it? I feel like time just goes so fast.) I want to say that I am very grateful for you for opening up your home to me, sharing your life, your idea of a family, and your lifestyle day after day.

Grateful that you try to experience my culture, the European one, but also my values and lifestyles.

Since my first night you treated me like your own daughter and made me feel very welcome in your home. I never felt like it wasn’t my place here.

As time passed I learned a lot about the true American culture, traditions, and people without judgment but comparison. I’m thankful because I can already feel that thanks to all of you I’m becoming more independent, more confident with my English but also more confident as a person.

I’m very happy to say that I know you, that I’m a member of your family, and that we have more time to spend together. We already have some amazing times and some memories for life, like our first kayak experience, or our first camping trip. We already did so much (been to more than one state haha), and even when we only watch TV it’s a lot of fun.

Thank you, the three of you for always doing your best to help me with my English (without making too much fun of me), for your patience, understanding, and welcoming. You are the nicest family any exchange student could ask for.

Thank you for all the future experiences we will live together because I know they will be amazing.

And even if I don’t want it to, I know that my exchange year will end, but I do know that my house will be open for you to come.

– Juliette from France

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