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IEW 2015 in Review

Last week, we announced the winners of our second annual IEW Scavenger Hunt on our Facebook page. The contest was a huge success yet again thanks to our students, and the support of their families, coordinators, and community members.

Throughout November, our students across the nation served as global ambassadors in their American communities. They fostered cross-cultural understanding by teaching others about their home countries. They reflected on the lessons they’ve learned from their exchange year and celebrated the importance of tolerance in today’s world.


Students in Texas give presentations to a local elementary school on their home countries

“[Th IEW presentations] are one of the biggest events in my class I look forward to every year.”

– Teacher in Wisconsin

“Juliette gave a presentation about her experience of life in France. She discussed French culture, traditions, and lifestyle. She has been a real pleasure in class and is a wonderful student and example for the other students in her class.”

– Teacher in Illinois

Some talented vloggers also came out of the woodwork during IEW. Check out Michelle’s and Kristin’s vlogs featuring their international potlucks below:


We also received incredibly heartwarming and supportive messages from host families and students, who remind us why we love doing what we do:

“[The exchange year] has been such a learning and growing experience for us all – And although at times, tough for the students as well as the host families, it is such a short time from our life (a small 10 months) that we can grow so much from. It really is amazing what you learn about yourself and your area when you open up your family to a new friend and family member from a different friend. Thank you.”

– Host mom in Wisconsin

“I would like to thank you for doing the Scavenger Hunt. It made me open up more and think more through feelings and thoughts when I wrote on my blog or made vlogs. You have been really supportive to everything I have sent and that is the reason why I just kept going. Thank you so much!”

– Kristin from Norway

International education wouldn’t be what it is without you. Thanks to your genuine love and support of cultural exchange, we are a step closer to a more tolerant, peaceful world.

Stay tuned for more videos and blog posts as we sort through all of our students’ wonderful submissions! Click Contribute to the Blog to submit your letters and stories.

International Education Week is a joint initiative by the Department of Education and Department of State to celebrate the benefits of cultural exchanges and education worldwide. 

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