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Thank You Thursday – Laura from Belgium – 2/23/17


(Laura from Belgium studying in Wisconsin)

Aspect Foundation’s inbox is flooded with notes from students expressing their gratitude for the experience they have had on student exchange. On Thursdays, we post one of these notes, sharing the “warm fuzzies” with all of you!

Today’s Thank You Thursday features Laura from Belgium, who is studying in Wisconsin. Read her letter to her host family below!

Dear host family,

I really want to thank you for everything that you have done for me so far. I could not have wished for a better host family than you!

Thank you for dealing with me singing in the shower.

Thank you for the incredible food here.

Thank you for dealing with me eating all your food.

Thank you for driving me to activities and sports after school.

Thank you for helping me with everything.

Thank you for taking me in your home and making me feel welcome.


(Laura with her host siblings on the 1st day of school, welcomed by her host family at the airport, decorating the tree at Christmas, and sailing on Lake Michigan)

Lacy, I really like your food! You are an amazing cook! I really like hearing stories about your past with Luke and the many countries you have lived in. You are an amazing woman and I am really glad I can call you my host mom.

Luke, I really love having a dad at home, I wasn’t used to that [before]. I like your fatherly concerns and your dislikes about boys. You are a funny guy and I am happy you are my host dad.

Samantha, Sami, Sam, I really like having a sister. I like going shopping with you and having someone who goes to high school with me. I am really proud of your swim accomplishments! You are a beautiful young woman and you are my favorite sister!

Spencer, I really like watching TV with you and fighting with you about what we are going to watch. In the end, we still don’t agree. You are a really nice guy becoming a young man. I am glad having you as my brother.

Kim, I only know you for a week now, but you are a really fun girl and I like talking to you! Maybe I’ll come visit you someday in Berlin.


(Laura with her host family)

I am really looking forward to the next month’s here with you guys. [You’ve] became a real family to me.

Thanks for everything! I’ll never forget that! I’ll definitely visit you guys again soon! I am so happy you are taking me to Chicago and the mall of America!

Merci! (It is the name of the Belgian chocolate, but is also a French word that means thank you in English)


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