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Homecoming 2017 Photo Roundup

Fall is one of the best times of the year for exchange students because they are settling into their host families, schools, and making new friends everyday! By now, many of our students have been sharing photos with us and by far some of the best photos have been our students celebrating Homecoming, a wonderful and timeless American tradition, at their new high schools welcoming students, alumni, parents, and community members back to their roots. Here are some of our current students all over the US participating in Homecoming events such as spirit week, Homecoming dances, football games, parades, and much more!


Here is Kim (in blue) from Belgium with new friends before attending the Monona Grove High School in Wisconsin!


Aina from Spain was nominated into Homecoming court at Fertile-Beltrami Secondary School in Minnesota! Here she is with her host family at the ceremony.

UY7-SOC-006-F Khwezi.jpg

Khwezi (left) from South Africa is here enjoying a fancy Homecoming dinner before the high school dance!

22406439_352664735192412_631940663141345408_n (1).jpg

Here is a group of our exchange students with their coordinator Sherri (seated) in Texas. These students were volunteering during Homecoming week in their concession stand to raise money to feed hungry families during Thanksgiving! We love to see students volunteering their time to give back to the community. Way to go ya’ll!


Snooker from Thailand all ready to attend her first Homecoming dance at Silver High School in New Mexico!


Here is Wences from Spain and Filippo from Italy with their host mom Teresa, host sister Victoria, and another new friend at the University of Iowa Homecoming! Go Hawkeyes!

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