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Thank You Thursday: Hurricane Harvey Heroes

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, our Aspect Foundation students were in great hands. Despite the little to no evacuation warning and many personal challenges, our Houston- area coordinators, Glenda P. and Faith R. rose to the occasion, making sure that each and every student and host family was safe and accounted for. Throughout the long battle that was Hurricane Harvey, Glenda and Faith made sure to stay in contact with all students and host families.

And when Adriana, a student from Colombia who was actually on her way to her host community, found herself stranded at the Houston airport, Faith took the extraordinary task of rescuing Adriana during a storm! If it weren’t for Faith’s heroic efforts, Adriana would have been stuck at the Houston airport for a week, over 2,000 miles away from her home in Colombia and still 1,200 to go to her new host home in Minnesota. Faith is an exceptional International Coordinator who went above and beyond to ensure the safety of our students. Faith did her best to keep Adriana safe, warm, and dry in her own home and distracted her by watching old VHS movies from the 80s. Adriana is now safe and settling just fine in Minnesota in her host community, but still stays in contact with Faith via texting through Facebook messenger. Although brought together by an unfortunate situation, these two will remain bonded for life for sharing such an incredible experience together.


Faith (taking the photo) sharing a meal with Adriana when she picked her up from the Houston airport right at the beginning of Hurricane Harvey.

Much of this was coordinated by our Texas-based Field Manger, Sherri M., worked tirelessly during and after the storm, keeping in touch with coordinators, students, host families, and former host families who also reached out to see how they could help.  Sherri was also able to relocate our few students who were in Houston and unable to return to their host homes. “I was touched and impressed with how many coordinators from across the country reached out to ask how they could help! It made me proud to work with Aspect!”

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our Texas team: Sherri, Glenda, and Faith, as our Aspect Angels for their bravery, hard work, and dedication to Aspect students, families, and communities.


Aspect Angel: Faith R. pictured with student, Irene.

We would also like to thank Aspect exchange students who have also put in their time volunteering for hurricane relief. Sergio from Spain and Joao from Brazil are pictured here with a group of youth volunteers helping in the cleanup efforts after Hurricane Harvey.  International coordinator Faith says: “I’m so proud of these boys. They helped do demolition work every day last week to volunteer to help flood victims due to Hurricane Harvey!”


Thank you for all your help!