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Thank You Thursday: Host Mom Jen M. from Wisconsin!

This week’s Thank You Thursday was submitted by host mom Jen M. from WI. Jen M. and host dad, Daniel M., are hosting Gulzat from Kyrgystan. Gulzat is studying in Wausau, WI on a Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) scholarship sponsored by the US Department of State

Dear Aspect,

We are very proud of our exchange daughter and all she has accomplished.  She has worked extremely hard to improve her English and studies very hard.
Her next goal is to start volunteering at the local hospital as she plans on pursuing a career as a doctor.  We started the volunteer screening process this week.
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to have this amazing young lady join our family!
We wanted to share a couple pictures of Gulzat’s stay so far:

Gulzat had a chance to visit her host mom’s work place and get a short tour of the factory. It was interesting for Gulzat to see her host mom’s job as a safety person in a steel plant, which is not a role typically held by a woman.


Gulzat at the Harry Potter Festival. She finished reading the first book and had the chance to attend with her host family.


Gulzat learning to can pizza sauce made from tomatoes from the family garden.  Almost every Friday night Gulzat becomes a pizza chef making homemade pizza with her host family.


Gulzat also visited the Cave of the Mounds cave in Southern Wisconsin with her host family.


She also checked out the fall colors with her family and host Aunt Martie.


Gulzat also was a member of the Wausau West High School JV tennis team.  She was recognized for her hard work at the team banquet.  It was Gulzat’s goal to learn tennis as apart of her exchange experience.  She also made lots of friends from the team.


Dressed in Kyrgyzstan clothing, Gulzat performed a song on traditional instrument for other exchange students.


International Coordinator Lin S. and her students held a soup fundraiser to raise money for a school in Puerto Rico that was damaged by hurricane Maria.  Each student made soups from their home countries.

We can’t thank your program enough for the joy of hosting Gulzat!
-Jen M.
Find out more about how to become a host family at our website,!