Int'l Education Week / Life in the U.S.

Reminder: IEW Scavenger Hunt deadline next Friday December 15!

Thank you so much to our students who have been submitting entries towards our annual IEW Scavenger Hunt thus far! We have come to the final stretch as the deadline is next Friday, December 15. Be sure to email your submissions according to our checklist or if you post on social media, tag #aspectexchange and #IEW2017.

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Don’t forget our first prize winner receives a $500 gift card!

The following photos were submitted by coordinator, Peggy T., in NM. Chonthida from Thailand and Ariadna from Spain were invited to Ms. Brown’s 6th grade class at Hurley Elementary School during International Education Week where the girls discussed their culture, respective countries, and what it’s like to live outside the US. The students had so many great questions for the girls. They were even invited back to the school to share their experiences with more classes. It was an awesome day for everybody involved!


After presenting to Ms. Brown’s 6th grade class.


The girls are pictured here with their host moms.

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