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Happy Holidays 2017 – Photo Round Up Part II

As promised, here is a 2nd round up of current exchange students and their host families during the holiday season across the US! Thank you all for sending these in.

IMG_7878 (1).jpg

Julianne from the Netherlands and her host sisters ready to open Christmas gifts.

20171225_121050 (1).jpg

Here is Africa from Spain with her host family’s 5 grand kids on Christmas morning.

FB_IMG_1514146967359 (1).jpg

Laiba from Pakistan made cookies for Santa with her host siblings for the first time ever.


Meike from Netherlands matching with her host family in WI on Christmas day.

IMG_1564 (2).jpg

WA state exchange students at the West Lake Center Christmas tree in Seattle.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.33.46 PM.png

Giorgi from the Republic of Georgia feels apart of the holidays with his host family, the Keifers, with a commemorative family ornament.

IMG_0486 (1).jpg

Martinez family in Utah with Alina from the Ukraine.


Khwezi from South Africa with the Erker’s in CO during Christmas time.


Martina from Italy making silly faces with her host siblings on the last day of 2017!

Thank you for sharing your holiday photos with us this season. We hope that you keep sharing and tagging us. Happy New Year 2018!

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