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Service – The Spirit of Cultural Exchange!

In light of kicking off Global Youth Service Day 2018 (April 20th-22nd) and Earth Day 2018 (April 21st), we would like to reflect on one of the values that makes a cultural exchange experience so rewarding: SERVICE.

peanut butter& jelly drive 2

A group of our exchange students in Nebraska participating in a peanut butter and jelly drive!

From our brave exchange students to our generous host families, to our nurturing coordinators who make sure their students and families have successful and growthful exchanges throughout the year; everyone GIVES a part of themselves to the experience.

High school students from all corners of the globe come and represent their home countries, taking time to teach others about their culture and discover new parts of themselves.

Host families make room in their busy schedules and open their homes voluntarily to young people, bringing a new piece of the world to their family.

GYSD Blog post1.jpg

Coordinator Kristine, Henriette from Norway, Syeda from the Philippines, and Karla from Romania all volunteered at SafePlace, donating supplies and writing letters to victims of abuse.


           “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

So grab a friend, volunteer, and make a difference!

Thinking about hosting a student this upcoming school year? What about joining our fabulous team of International Coordinators? Let us know and make cultural exchange a part of your life!

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