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Hear from our Returnees!

This #TravelTuesday, check out these five quotes from our returned study abroad students! Get a glimpse of their international adventures and a word of advice to future study abroad students…

I think that anyone who has the opportunity to should do a study abroad program! It not only expands your worldview immensely but also helps you discover yourself and the kind of things that matter to you. Being in a new country pushes you out of your shell and makes you much more confident in yourself and your abilities.”

 -Amy, studied abroad in France

Study Abroad Returnees

Even if you are shy and introverted (I am), study abroad is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your academic career. You will gain endless stories and experiences, and you will never stop hounding your friends and families about your experience! If you are considering doing this, my advice would be to start early. Apply, even if you aren’t sure you would be able to do it. Applying pushes you to pursue your dream even further. Also, take every advantage to learn the language. Use websites, apps, books, etc to learn all you can. Don’t ever feel embarrassed to speak to people as well! They will be thrilled that you are speaking their language.”

– Eric, studied abroad in Norway

My experience taught me to be independent and assertive. It also helped me learn another language and meet new people that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet.”     

-Jazmyn, studied abroad in Spain

The experience definitely benefited me in my Japanese studies, my view of the world, and me as a person.”

-Andrew, studied abroad in Japan

I think it is a once in a lifetime experience that could change anyone for the better, and if you feel too scared or nervous to do it then just remember that the fear will pass once you have a whole new world to discover!

-Cara, studied abroad in Ecuador

Learn more about Aspect Study Abroad programs at aspectfoundation.org/study-abroad/. We are currently accepting applications for programs starting in Summer 2018 (Japan, France, Spain), Fall 2018 (Germany, Norway, Ecuador) and Spring 2019 (all programs). We provide individual support to students and families through each step of the study abroad experience! Email studyabroad@aspectfoundation.org or call 1-800-879-6884 to speak with one of our advisors.