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Thank You Thursday – Carolina from Colombia

More thank you notes continue to come in from students expressing their gratitude for the experience they’ve had during their exchange year. This week, Carolina from Colombia would like to thank her host family, the Eiyncks in Minnesota! 

“Words will never be enough to describe how thankful I am towards my host family, they’re amazing people and I totally love them, they’ve raised me the same way they raised their own kids and makes me feel that I’m an actual kid in the family, there was no moment where I felt alone, because of it and many more things I want to thank them. I’ve found incredible people among them teachers, friends, and managers that have always been there for me when I needed them, solving my questions, helping me to catch up and loving me in my hard days, and I have nothing else to say but thank you. And to my local newspaper,  I have so many things to say but I’ll just mention the fact that I won’t really go home on June 15th, because this is already my home too. I love the United States for its good things that will always remain with me.”

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