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Host, Build Community & Explore – Hear it from Mother & Son!

Today, we shine the spotlight on a family that incorporates cultural exchange into their daily lives through a myriad of ways! Denise, one of our international coordinators and repeat host parent along with her son, John, give us some insight into what initially caught their family’s attention about the world of hosting and what has allowed them to continue opening their home year after year:

Hosting five exchange students to date, Denise writes:

“Our son, John wanted an older brother. Our Uncle and Aunt had hosted many years and our Uncle told John he knew how he could have an older brother, and the rest is history. We have hosted from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, and Brazil. We love opening our homes to these kids. We learn so many things from them and we hope they learn from us. They have all become a part of our family. We have hosted boys and girls. Our second year of hosting, our coordinator came to me asking if I would be interested in being an IC [International Coordinator]. Aspect needed a contact from northern Indiana and I accepted!”

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Denise’s son, John, will soon be embarking on his own adventure of cultural immersion this fall to study for the full academic year in Denmark! Hear from him why he’s decided to make exchange part of his high school career and how hosting has impacted him as a host brother to so many: 

“I want to go to Denmark to get an authentic Scandinavian experience. My family derives from Northern European descent, and I’m interested to learn more about the culture of my heritage. I’m expecting my year abroad to be different from the country life that I’m used to. I’m excited about living in a city, making new friends, and becoming fluent in a new language.”

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John continues by saying…“I feel like hosting exchange students has really opened our eyes to a new world. We’ve hosted students from five different countries so far, and the exposure to a new cultural experience was definitely valuable and rewarding. ”

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To the left is Denise’s first exchange student, Henrik from Denmark! John (middle) will be staying with Henrik’s family during his exchange year abroad!

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Here’s to welcoming their 6th student who’ll arrive from Norway later this summer! Visit our website to learn more –