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Thank You Thursday – Giorgi’s Gift

This #ThankYouThursday one of Aspect Foundation’s new alumni, Giorgi from the Republic of Georgia, shares a gesture of gratitude for his host community as a true symbol of cultural exchange! Read more to hear it from Giorgi himself!


“Friends from Fremont: If you go to Fremont Mall or FREMONT FAMILY YMCA, you will see these library boxes where you can donate a book, or if you see an interesting book for you, you are welcome to take it. At the same time, you will see some information about Georgia and quotes from a Georgian poet on it. I hope that this community project will work.”


Giorgi goes on to thank those who collaborated with him to make this project a reality:

“Thank you Jennifer, Kyle, Jack, Grant, and Claudia [Giorgi’s host family]. It would be absolutely impossible without you.

Thank you Fremont mall and Fremont Family YMCA for letting us do it. 

Thank you Fremont Area Community Foundation for funding this project.

Thank you Cedar Bluffs Public Schools and Boys Scouts Nebraska for helping me to implement this project, and of course thank you Alexis for helping me to win the Youth Philanthropist Competition.”


It is remarkable not only how Giorgi took the opportunity to make the most out of his own exchange year, but how he has given a beautiful gift that will continue to impact those who seek to learn, read, and discover. Check out the amazing article Giorgi wrote about his experience as an exchange student in America!

We still have many wonderful students like Giorgi whom you could host this upcoming 2018-2019 school year! Click here to learn more about hosting!