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An International Experience for Your Family!

Summer is the perfect time of the year to plan new experiences for your family during the upcoming school year and beyond! Before the school year begins, consider these two amazing ways to create lifelong memories for your family members by opening their eyes to a new culture, language, and perspective…

Options! Study Abroad or Host. (2)

Send your teenager on a study abroad program in Europe, South America, or Asia!

Do you have a mature teenage student who is curious about the world and ready to experience learning in a fresh environment before college? Aspect Foundation has over 20 programs abroad including academic year, semester, and short-term summer exchanges. Your son or daughter could live with a host family in Norway for a semester or study Japanese during a summer language program in Tokyo! Our programs in Belgium, France, and Italy are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2019 semester through August 1st and applications for other programs are available through September 15th or later! Learn more about our Programs Abroad and submit an inquiry today!

Bring the world to your family by hosting an exchange student in your home!

We have students from across the globe looking for a caring American family like yours to live with while attending a local high school during the 2018-19 school year. Imagine having a daughter from Brazil that your kids celebrate American holidays with, or a son from Germany that you teach how to play American football! This is a fun opportunity for the whole family to gain a lifelong friend, learn about another culture, and bring the world to your hometown!

Plus if your family hosts an exchange student, you will be eligible to receive a $500 discount on your own child’s future year or semester study abroad program!

To learn more about the host family experience please visit our website and check out our incoming student profiles. Please get in touch if you are interested or if your family has questions. Thank you for helping us spread the word to your family and friends!