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Side Benefit of Hosting: Visiting Former Students and Newfound Family!

We recently received a lovely letter from one of our long-time host families, detailing their summer travels. The places they went and people they visited abroad is all thanks to having welcomed new cultures and students into their lives initially here in the US! Continue reading to hear about the McGrath family’s European tour. 

“Dear Aspect,

I thought you would enjoy these pictures.  My husband, Joe and I recently returned from Europe where we visited 3 of our former students and their families.  We spent a week in France and then they took us to Strasbourg where we met and spent the afternoon together with our German family.  After the “luggage handoff,” we went home with our German family.  The following week we flew to Northern Italy to visit our family there.  And this week, our Sicilian son returns for a visit!  So we will have seen all four of our past students this summer! And in a couple of weeks, we will welcome our 5th student who is from Spain!


image1 (13).jpg

Three Aspect families unite in Strasbourg, France.  Left to right:  Host parents, Joe and Carol, Gilles (Clara from France’s father) Rolf (Tatjana from Germany’s father), Monika (Tatjana’s mother) Pascale (Clara’s mother) Clara from France, and Tatjana from Germany!


Clara and Tatjana met in person for the first time!  Both were wearing their Claddagh rings that were graduation presents from their host family at the end of their exchange years!

image5 (1).jpeg

Lunch with the McGrath’s Italian family in Bergamo!  Their exchange daughter is Claudia from Italy, third from the left.

The McGrath’s remind us all that the exchange experience doesn’t have to stop after our international students head back home. You too could create new friendships that could transport you and your family all over the world! Host Family Button to Link

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