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2018 Arrival Photo Contest Winners!

Arrivals Photo Contest Winners! (1).png

Few moments compare to the excited, anxious, joyful feeling of when our exchange students step off the plane and meet the people they’ll begin to call family! Being welcomed by warm, heartfelt and even silly signs eases the tension and allows the first words and hugs to be exchanged. Even after hours of travel, those initial smiles waiting for you in the airport make the long journey well worth the wait!

We received so many fantastic, creative entries this year! The votes are now in and we have a couple of winners to announce! First up, the photo that received the most votes is:

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.07.17 PM (1).jpg

Sara from Italy and her host family, the Beavers, in Minnesota! The two-toned sign showing both the Italian and American flags is a creative representation of how these cultures will become one throughout the year!

Next up, staff members in the Aspect Foundation headquarters office in San Francisco chose their top pick. What a hard decision! While difficult to choose just one, the Thomas family in Utah welcomed Emma from Spain with an extra amount of “buzz” and flair!

IMG_2365-L 2 (2).jpg

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted photos.  Remember these precious moments as you adventure through your year together!

Don’t stop sending us photos just because the contest is over! Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or send them via email to Your photos may be featured in an upcoming blog post or newsletter!

**Winners will receive their prize in a few days! **