Life in the U.S.

“Firsts” Photo Round Up – 2018/2019

September may have come and gone but a wonderful exchange year is still ahead! Many of you have been tagging us in some awesome initial experiences as exchange students. Check out a few of your #firsts below!

First days of School:


Sofia from Spain (top left) Alice from Italy (bottom left) and Isabel from Spain (right) all on their first days of school!


First New Eats:


Bart from France sinks his teeth into his first corn on the cob, Maila from Germany shows off a slice of mac & cheese pizza, while Erica from Italy digs into one of her host family’s traditions – milk toast!

Lisa from Kosovo and Ken from the Philippines give sushi a go!

Patricia from Spain

Patricia from Spain takes a bite into a s’more for the first time with her new American friends!

Matteo from Italy, Hanna from France, and Laura from Italy all savor their first cold drinkable treats – root beer floats, slurpees, and milkshakes!

Kawnthip from Thailand and Nevena from Serbia whip up some yummy baked firsts – banana bread and scones!

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