Int'l Education Week / Life in the U.S.


Thank you to all of our students who submitted entries in our 2018 IEW Scavenger Hunt! It was a VERY close competition, but what matters most is the international education you all helped spread and the passion you shared for cultural youth exchange. Well done! Below are the winners who went above and beyond during International Education Week!

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  1. First place and a $500 gift card goes to Fiza from Bangladesh, studying in Arizona.

  2. Second place and a $250 gift card goes to Ade from Indonesia, studying in Wisconsin.

  3. Third place and a $100 gift card goes to Pavle from Montenegro, also studying in Washington.

During International Education Week, our winners set up potlucks for family and friends, gave numerous presentations on their home countries, met with politicians, wrote impactful letters to their local numerous papers, and made some very creative videos just to name a few!

Thank you again to all who participated! Winners will receive their prizes by email soon!

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