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Student Spotlight – Alice from Belgium

Today we are shining the spotlight on Alice from Belgium! She is studying in Texas and lives with the Seymore family. Read more to hear how her involvement in school programs has inspired her future career path!

Alice from Belgium is making the most of her exchange year! One of the ways she has been getting involved is by helping out as a student athletic trainer. A student trainer helps with the prevention of injuries and treatment/care of student-athletes.

In a recent awards banquet at school, Alice received a handful of recognitions, including  Student Athletic Trainer: Newcomer of the Year! This honor is awarded to the student who is in their first year of the program and who’s taken what they’ve learned in class and has applied that knowledge in the training room. The recipient of the award should also be hard working, always willing to learn and lends a helping hand. Alice definitely embodies all of these qualities and more!

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She was also voted for the award that goes to the student who has not only met but who’s exceeded all expectations of the Joshua Sports Medicine Program. Alice’s host dad is the athletic trainer for her American high school, so she’s had the opportunity to learn the craft and skills from him firsthand.  Since she’s had such a positive learning experience, Alice has decided to pursue Sports Medicine as her career path! Needless to say, her host dad is very proud!

If you would like to host a  star student like Alice or become an exchange student yourself, find out more by visiting our website below:

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