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Thank You Thursday – Tribute to Janet Tricamo

On this #ThankfulThursday, we are paying special tribute to the work and legacy of Janet Tricamo, one of our late beloved international coordinators. Janet would have celebrated her 73rd birthday this past Monday. Read on to hear how a few of her colleagues and friends continue to remember and celebrate Janet’s kind spirit and all she did for her exchange students and host families throughout the years. 

“Janet and I were absolute comrades, especially for our YES students (students who study through the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program)! Her son came on a lot of trips with us so I got to know him as well. There are so many stories to recall. She was always up for an adventure! I miss her amazing sense of humor, passion and truly global perspective.”

– Susan, Regional Manager for Aspect Foundation

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“Janet was more than a coordinator, she was my mentor.  I always tell everyone, that I want to be Janet when I go grow up. She never had one unkind thing to say about anyone and really cared for everyone around her.”

– Jodi, Field Manager


Janet with Field Manager, Jodi.

“I met Dr. Janet Tricamo in 2000 when she came to interview my daughter, and our family, for Aspect’s Outbound Program.  Our daughter was applying to be an exchange student to France and Janet talked us into hosting a student from France ourselves while she was away.  Not long after agreeing to be a host family I was placing students myself. Janet and I each placed between 10-20 students yearly and did our activities together so I often had the opportunity to hear from her students and host families about what a warm, caring and genuine person Janet was.  Even if the student or family was having troubles, they knew Janet would be there for them – good news or bad. Janet was the kind of person who made you feel like ‘family’ no matter who you were.  This was probably because of her Italian heritage. She was an excellent cook, always had a smile on her face.  She had a contagious laugh, one that will always be missed and never forgotten.”

– Donita, National Field Staff Director

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Janet, Donita, and Susan watching fireworks together in Costa Rica. “Truly priceless friendships” – Susan, Regional Manager

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May Janet’s legacy live on!