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Thank you Thursday- Darya from Kazakhstan

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, Darya from Kazakhstan studying in Illinois with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program sponsored by the Department of State tagged us in a beautiful appreciation post on Instagram that we’d like to share with everyone! Her sweet words remind us all how meaningful cultural exchange can be for these students and the HUGE role that our generous host families play in that impact. Keep reading to hear why Darya’s heart will forever remain partly in the US!


Darya with her host dad and mom!

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Darya's with her friends

This definitely not what I was expecting, flying over 22 hours to the farm in Illinois. I remember I was nervous, my stomach hurt so bad because of that. I remember I was crying to my Mom a day before the departure, because of how scared I was. I was afraid to come here and I was afraid that I won’t like it. I didn’t even realize how much wrong I was.


I want to thank my American family, my friends and my teachers for this amazing year of my life. In less than a year I found my second home, the best American family I could have dreamed of and a lot of friends. This year went by too fast, I can’t believe we already had graduation several days ago and I am going home in 23 days. I love this place and these people so much, I don’t want to say goodbye so soon.”Darya graduation

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