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Thank You Thursday- Charlotte from Belgium

More thank you notes continue to come in from students expressing their gratitude for the experience they’ve had during their exchange year. This week, Charlotte from Belgium would like to thank everyone who has made her exchange year the best one yet! 

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Charlotte (in red) from Belgium with her host family in Michigan!

I don’t know where to start. I lived in Michigan for over 9 months. I left a life that I built for 15 years to go to the United States for a year. And now, I have left a life that I’ve built for 9 months forever. I’ll let you guess which one is harder. One thing is sure: I’ll never forget Michigan. I’ll never forget the High School I went to, and I’ll still consider myself a proud Oriole for the rest of my life.


I couldn’t have chosen another place if I had the choice. Because Michigan is the only place that’d feel like home. I miss the lake. I miss the beautiful sunsets. I even miss the harsh and long winters full of snow. Or maybe not this last one. Just kidding, because would Michigan really be Michigan without its own chaotic weather? I still enjoyed every minute of it as much as I could. Because I still miss the white landscape.


Charlotte from Belgium ice fishing with her host family in Michigan!

I miss my host family. Those incredible people that treated me like their own daughter since day one. This family that I can call my own. And even though I’m bad with words, I still want to express how thankful I am for everything they’ve done for me. My host parents have been so supportive all year long and gave me the opportunity to travel and experience the true American culture. They were there for me when I was feeling down, always ready to help. Because that’s how a family works. So was my sibling. An amazing person that I want to thank as well for helping me at home and at school when I needed a hand. I’m glad to say that I’ll always be part of my host family, no matter how far away I’ll be.

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Finally, I want to thank everyone in that community. Because every one of you showed me what Michigan is. You all are a part of this town that I love so much, and you all are the reason why I’ll never forget this place.

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