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Thank You Thursday- Victor from France

It’s the first Thursday of 2021, which means it’s also the first Thank You Thursday of the year! Our Aspect Foundation inbox has lots of thank you notes from lots of our students, current and former, and on Thursdays we like to share the notes of these students. This week we have the words from our current student, Victor from France. Victor is spending this school year in Nebraska with his incredible host family!

Victor with his host family at Arrowhead Stadium, attending a Kansas City Chiefs game. “That was an amazing experience for me. As a European, I’ve never seen anything like that before!” 

I will never thank my host family enough for welcoming me so warmly. Thank you for making me enjoy one of the best experiences I’ll have in my life! Thank you for keeping me busy too, I’m never annoyed, and that’s amazing, especially this year with COVID-19. So again, thank you so much. You definitely changed me.

Top Left: Victor with part of his soccer team, Midwest Premier Academy. “I really like to be around these guys and I feel great with the team.”

Top Right: Victor and his host family wearing matching t-shirts for Halloween. He said, “that’s true that M&M’s aren’t scary but we found this cool  ūüėā

Bottom Left: Victor with his host family wearing matching Grinch pajamas during their week in Saint-Louis, Missouri. 

Bottom Right: Victor in a a family photo for Thanksgiving. “Obviously my first!”