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Thank You Thursday- Maria from Spain

Today is the last Thursday of 2020 and that means it’s time for the last Thank you Thursday of the year! At the end of a turbulent year like this it’s hard to think of many positives, but bringing these students to the United States to fulfill their dreams was a bright spot that reminds us that what we do matters and makes the world a better place by bringing us closer together. As we close out 2020, we bring you the positive words of one of our current students. Maria comes from Spain and has spent the first half of the school year with her host family in West Virginia.

Maria (far right) with her host family, the Guiddy’s.

I am really thankful for the host family I have in the US. The girls are like the little sisters I’ve always wanted to have and I have so much fun doing face masks and our beauty care together. My host parents are very supportive and I really enjoy spending time with them because we are always joking and laughing together.

Maria (light green jacket) with some of her fellow exchange students at Niagara Falls in New York and ice skating in Pittsburgh, PA.

This year has been quite different in comparison to previous ones because of Covid, but the exchange experience has made me meet amazing friends in high school and during sport practices. It’s amazing to have a family here and friends and around the world. I’m forever grateful for the amazing people I am meeting here and for having been able to come here.

Maria smiling with the colors of fall behind her.