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Thank You Thursday- Takashi from Japan

Thank you Thursday is here! Each Thursday we bring the warm words of some of our thankful current and former students. Our students are so excited to share how grateful they are for the experience and we love to spread their message! This week we bring you Takashi from Japan. Takashi has spent the current school year in Wisconsin and shared this wonderful message!

Takashi with his host dad and mom enjoying the beauty of Sedona, Arizona.

Thank you to all people who support making my exchange experience wonderful. Because of Covid, most of people in the US must have not afford to welcome a new family and take care of them. However, there is a fact that exchange students, including me, are spending valuable and proactive time. This fact is consists of your big kindness, giving to me. Your kindness has my attitude to be more active to make my exchange experience grater.

Takashi as he describes it, “becoming an apple” at Ferguson’s Orchard in Eau Claire, WI.

I am sure that I have to return this favor one day. And this return has to be not only to my host family, but to the all people who dream to study abroad. I had begun to wanted to be a person who can catch one’s favor and appreciate them, and then return the favor more than I received through touching human’s heart in this exchange experience. 

Top: Takashi with fellow Aspect student Alessandra from Italy having a seat at Ferguson’s Orchards.

Bottom Left: Getting a cookie 101 lesson from his host mom in Wisconsin.

Bottom Center: Takashi with his host brother in Sedona.

Bottom Right: Takashi dressed as a soccer player for Halloween!