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Thank You Thursday- Joshua from Germany

Can you believe it’s already February?! 2021 is off to a great start! It’s also the first Thursday of the month! This Thursday we bring you Joshua from Germany. Joshua has spent the academic year with his host family in Texas and he’s incredibly thankful for those that have helped make his school year so special. He asked to focus on 3 things that have stood out for him so far.

Joshua with his host dad in Memphis at the top of one of the tallest buildings.

Thanks to Adam, my host dad, who took me out for a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. It was just my first week in the US and it was a really cool trip. It was an amazing experience to see another big city in a different state. We did a bunch of cool stuff on our little trip, like going to Bucces, a Texan gas station which was one of the big I’ve ever seen. At the end we went on one of the highest buildings in Memphis and has a nice view over the city.

Joshua in the parking lot with his homecoming garter.

Thanks to my friends and classmates for taking me out to my first homecoming game. I didn’t play on the field that evening but it was even cooler to be in the stands and cheer for our team. It was a nice day and I had a lot of fun. I even had a garter, a colorful pin lower with lot of ribbons in the color of your football team. It was really cool to experience this Texan tradition.

Joshua wearing #14 for the Joshua Owls football team.

Thanks to the Joshua Owls, the football team that showed me their sport and traditions. When I first arrived in Texas I had never played football before and knew nothing about it. My teammates showed me how to play football so that I could play in one the games. At the end I was able to play in a few games. A big thank you to my coaches and my high school that they welcomed me in their team.

Top Left: Joshua’s welcome to Texas!

Top Right: Joshua with his host siblings at Dino World!

Bottom Left: Joshua on his first day of school!