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Thank You Thursday – Mercedes from Spain

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, Mercedes from Spain tells us about her exchange in Montana where she spent the 2020/21 school year. Mercedes encourages other exchange students to not be afraid and to enjoy every little thing because – as she only knows too well – time flies when you are an exchange student!

In this picture I was still not aware of how lucky I was for having this host family. I had just arrived in Montana, USA and I was going to live there for the next 9 months. I would love to thank Aspect Foundation, especially, my coordinator Katie for being so good with me and for making my dream come true. My host family meant everything to me, they were just incredible and we shared lot of experiences together. Now I can say that I have a second home and a second family forever.

Mercedes (holding her welcome sign) is being welcomed by her host family in Montana

I was really scared of starting school and not making any friends, but I met a lot of new people that made my year way better. Schools in the US are amazing! Teachers are really kind and funny. I was lucky to have Prom and it was like in the movies! I liked being in sports a lot because, a part from being fun, you get to travel to different places from your state to compete against others high schools. I also experienced graduation with all the seniors!

(top left) Mercedes gives horseback riding a try for the first time (top right) Mercedes (middle row, first girl on the right) with her cheer team (bottom left) Mercedes (on the very left) getting ready for prom with her friends (bottom right) Mercedes (left) and her friend at graduation

I would like to say to the future exchange students to not be afraid of the experience and to try to enjoy every little thing because time flies! Just be yourself and it will be okay. You are not going to forget the experience and you should be grateful for this opportunity!

– Mercedes from Spain

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