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Thank You Thursday – Victor from France

For this week’s Thank You Thursday, we hear from Victor from France who spent the 2020/21 school year in Nebraska. Victor has been back home in France since last May, but the people he met during his exchange and the wonderful memories they created together are always on his mind.

Victor and his host family making memories throughout the 20/21 school year! (top) August: meeting for the first time at the airport (middle left) October: dressing up for Halloween (middle right) December: celebrating Christmas and (bottom) May: celebrating Victor’s graduation

Of course I’m still thinking about my exchange year every day, and every day I realize how lucky I was to have done this wonderful experience. Even with the Covid crisis, I still did plenty of sports, attended some amazing American events and met some incredibly kind and welcoming people. Now, I just want to come back to visit as soon as possible, and I’m forever grateful to my host family, my French family, Aspect Foundation and my French organization. 

– Victor from France

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